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Course for foreign teenagers schooled in France

For a successful education in France

For a teenager schooled in France, the challenges are multiple. Not only is it to master the knowledge provided by one's institution, but also to do it in French, a language that was foreign a few months ago. Our school offers you to overcome these two major difficulties. Our courses do not only make it possible to progress in French. They are also a continuous and individualized support in the school life of these students.

These courses are divided into two parts:

  • A general French course of intermediate or advanced level. The goal is to acquire or perfect the lexicon and grammar required for French secondary school courses.

  • A Time allocated for personal help for each student. Everyone will then have the opportunity to ask for help on what they misunderstood in high school, in class or for homework. Our teacher will do everything possible to enable everyone to succeed at school in this country.

Two classes of one hour per week

Tuesday and Friday


Course accessible to students enrolled in middle school or high school in France.


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