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DELF / TCF course

Knowledge and strategies

to pass this exam

The exam evaluates four skills: written comprehension, oral comprehension, written production and oral production. The main difficulty is time management. Our school will teach you strategies to master the clock and no longer panic about the time thanks to our strategies and our simple and clear program.


This test is based on two documents. The candidate  is allowed to listen to the first once, and the second, twice. It is therefore essential to define one's strategy. In class, we will explain how to note the essential and forget the superfluous to pass this test.


This test is divided into two texts, one informative, the other argumentative. These texts are long and have many difficult words. Your teacher will explain in detail how not to stop on these words to finish this test in one hour, top chrono!


As a homework assignment, each student must two essays a week. The correction in class will allow you to understand how to write such a text in sixty minutes: introduction and conclusion, simple and clear sentences in order to respect at best the instructions and to gain the most points.


This test gives the candidates thirty minutes of preparation to present a ten-minute monologue and then dialogue with the examiner. It's about developing your point of view in an argumentative way. Your teacher will explain how to use the time of preparation to not disperse and express yourself as clearly as possible.

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Follow our intensive course

Pass the DELF / TCF!

Two classes of one and a half hours per week

Tuesday, Thursday or Weekend

16:00 - 17:30

A1-A2, B2


Some useful information:

Exam centres in France

Exam schedule DELF 2018

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