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Welcome to Chez Xavier! 

Forget about overcrowded classes,

the overhyped and overused content. 

Discover a school for you, proud of

its method adapted to each student.

A school on a human scale


Chez Xavier is a school of languages and visual arts created in Paris in 2018. Since our opening, our aim has been to teach French, English, Korean, Japanese, drawing and painting in the most effective way possible, with an original method that places speaking at the centre of learning. We work in small groups to ensure the highest quality of teaching for all our students. Our multilingual teachers are fully aware of the difficulties encountered by our students on a daily basis and provide concrete solutions to enable them in order to fully appreciate life in France in an independent and peaceful manner. At Chez Xavier, we do everything possible to make your understanding easier. Never again will you leave the classroom without having understood the content of the lesson.

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